Episode 220: Amanda Napolitano

Amanda Napolitano just qualified for the Boston Marathon after 20 years of marathoning!  Amanda ran her first marathon in October 2001 right after 911 at the Marine Corps Marathon. In February of 2004, she ran her PR in Austin, Texas of 3:41:26 – 26 seconds off of a then Boston qualifying time. This incredible woman, who is the mother of two took a break from the Boston quest after her daughters were born but stopped counting the number of marathons she’s run… she assumes it’s 35+. This past Sunday her dream to qualify for Boston came true when she ran a 3:47:45.  Amanda was also a Galloway Program Director/Trainer for 15 years. The Galloway method being a staying system that she uses in her own training still today.

Amanda works as the Executive Director for the Donna Foundation and puts on the Donna Marathon every February – a race that I attend every year. The Donna Foundation was founded by Donna Deegan, a three time breast cancer survivor (episode 92… make sure you listen).  The mission at the Donna Foundation is to provide financial assistance and support to those living with breast cancer and fund ground breaking breast cancer research.

Together with the help of so many listeners  last year we raised over $11K for the Donna Foundation last year and I couldn’t be more thankful for the community here that came together to make that happen. Amanda even gets to tell us in this episode where those dollars went.

Do you ever talk to someone who just feels like home? You feel like you could talk all day and look to them for guidance and support in your life? That’s how I feel with Amanda. She’s a special woman and I’m so thankful to know her.

Show Notes: 

The Donna Foundation

To Kiss the Joy – Robert A. Raines

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Donna Marathon Registration

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500 Festival Mini Marathon Training Program

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