Episode 20: Pantsuit Politics with Sarah and Beth-Grace Filled Political Conversations

This week we are talking to Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, hosts of podcasts Pantsuit Politics and The Nuanced Life and authors of I Think You’re Wrong but I’m Listening: A Guide to Grace Filled Political Conversations. We talk about how to have grace-filled political conversations and why it’s really so important to continue to have them even if we need space or they have some hard moments. Sarah and Beth really have such a unique lens on talking through hard and sticky topics. They are pros at handling divisive topics with others by focusing in on our values and treating each other like thoughtful human beings. These conversations are such great reminders as we head into a new year and an election year. Incredibly thankful for the work that Sarah and Beth do each week!

Hosted by Emily Reddington


Show Notes

Pantsuit Politics:



I Think You’re Wrong but I’m Listening: A Guide to Grace-Filled Political Conversations By Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers

How To Do Nothing By Jenny Odle

The News Worthy

Start Here
The Daily

Beyond Guilt

These Truths By Jill Lapore




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