Episode 217: Darrell Barnes, Athletic Trainer/Performance Specialist with St. Vincent Sports Performance

I am so excited to bring this special series with St. Vincent Sports Performance featuring world renowned Athletic Trainers, Physicians and Sports Dietitians. I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful facility for athletes right in my backyard here in Indianapolis.

This week you’ll see three episode drop in your feed with conversations with the Professionals at St. Vincent. First up is Darrell Barnes! Darrell an Athletic Trainer and Performance Specialist. He has been with St. Vincent for 25 years and is one of the founding members of St. Vincent Sports Performance. It was fascinating to hear about how they turned the facility into a one stop shop for athletes along the entire spectrum of abilities.

Darrell has worked with Olympic Caliber athletes like Jenny Simpson and Emily Infeld and works daily with the everyday athlete right here in Indianapolis. He will be heading to Tokoyo this year to work with the Olympic team and in this episode he shares abut how he was selected for that high honor.

In this episode Darrell also talks about the fundamentals every runner should be thinking about and some basic strength training we should all be adopting in our lives if we want to remain healthy and strong runners.

Enjoy my conversation with Darrell and tomorrow you’ll hear an episode with Sports Dietitian Anna Turner!

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