Episode 13: Mica May; Embracing What Life Has Planned

Today’s guest started a business, now a national lifestyle brand, found in Target and is one of Oprah’s Favorite things by creating something for herself! But it’s not an easy as this sounds, getting her business off the ground took, hustle, community and a problem solving attitude. Mica May of May Designs talks about how how her love for design and paper became a national brand and her journey to getting there. She offers great advice for entrepreneurs.

The second part of today’s episode, Mica talks about her amazing son, Jackson, who was born with Down Syndrome. She talks about the grieving process and how special he is to their family. You’ll also learn about the story of the #theluckyfew.  Mica provides a powerful perspective for loved ones of someone with special needs.

Mica’s approach to life is that every day is a gift and that she is ready for whatever life has planned, will leave you uplifted and strong. There are so many life lessons in today’s episode. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Mica!

Show Notes:

Host – Kristin Srour

Jessica Honegger

Far From the Tree by Andrew Solomon

Peanut Butter Falcon


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