Episode 12: Jordan Lee Dooley; Leaning into your Purpose

Jordan Lee Dooley joins us for the podcast today! Jordan is a national best selling author, podcaster, keynote speaker, social media expert, multi-passionate strategist and founder of the Own it Academy. She is passionate about helping women find their purpose and live a life they love.

We were fortunate to meet Jordan at the Edge X Mentoring conference and get to know her a little more after she got off the stage talking confidently to thousands of people in attendance. Jordan has a message that encourages you to lean into your purpose and reminded me of the importance of not just going through the motions. She also opens up about marriage counseling and how that’s helped her relationship with her husband and how they run their business together as a team.

Show Notes:

Co-Hosts: Lindsey Hein and Emily Reddington

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