Episode 207: Steph Bruce

Steph Bruce returns to the podcast for a third time after running a 2:27:47 at the Chicago Marathon. I always love talking with Steph and couldn’t wait to hear all about her race in Chicago. She’s been really open about having goals of running even faster than her 2:27 and fought through a lot during the race. This was a big PR for her still and she was placed 6th as the second American in the field! She was first on the podcast in episode 130 and episode 159.

Her husband Ben was on the show last week (episode 206) and we got to hear her perspective on his pacing duties this time. We also talk about parenting and relationships quite a bit in this episode as well. I ended up asking a handful of listener questions submitted by people in my facebook group which was fun to end with!

I can’t wait to see what Steph does at the Trials and I’m all in routing for her.

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