Episode 11: Kristen Newton; Friendship

Episode 11: Kristen Newton

Friendship is an essential piece of how we were made to live with others and experience love and joy. But have you ever found yourself stuck in a pattern that you know is unhealthy in a friendship? Or have you been blindsided by a friend and felt incredibly hurt? Friendship can be painful and hard but friend is one the my most cherished roles. This week we are talking to Kristen “KB” Newton. KB has a passion for community, friendship, and strengthening our connections with those around us. She is a speaker, vlogger, coach, entrepreneur, wife and mother. She has created a platform called Heart Convos to help encourage millennial women navigate unhealthy friendships so they feel equipped to make, maintain and mend friendships intentionally.

Community is something that we are really passionate about here at Illuminate. KB shares her experience, expertise and passions so that we all can learn how to grow closer to others, by taking her tools and using them to become more comfortable with showing our true selves to others and allowing our friends to walk deeper into our stories and our lives. Creating and maintaining friendships is hard and brave work, but KB is here to help!

Show Notes

Host: Emily Reddington

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Talking with Strangers By Malcolm Gladwell




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