Episode 205: Noah Droddy, Chicago Marathon Rundown

Noah Droddy returns to the show after running a five minute marathon PR at the Chicago Marathon. He took his time down from 2:16 to 2:11:42. After coming off a disappointing finish in Rotterdam this spring, this marathon seems to be just what Noah needed. I couldn’t wait to catch up with him and hear all about it. If you haven’t listened to my first episode with Noah, where you get to know his back story a little bit more- make sure to head over to episode 107 to hear more!

Noah is fast, he’s fun and a really nice guy. He runs professionally for Saucony and and Polar and trains with the Roots Running project. Noah grew up in Indianapolis, IN and went on to run for Depauw University (A Division 3 School) where he was an All-American. He credits his current success to a gradual growth and progression in training post college. He currently holds a 61:48 half marathon PR and I love in this episode how he talks about the marathon almost being a completely different sport.

Noah is down to earth, funny and very easy to talk to. He seems to balance his love for running while keeping a great perspective on other passions in life as well. When I talked to him, I got the feeling that he clearly takes this running thing very seriously, while at the same time not taking himself too seriously and that’s something we can all appreciate.

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