Episode 203: Amelia Boone

Amelia Booneis a 4x world champion and one of the most decorated obstacle racers in history. She is a 3X winner of the World’s Toughest Mudder,  a Spartan Race World Champion,  a Spartan Race Points Series Champion and a 3x Death Race Finisher.

Beyond her athletic accomplishments, Amelia works full time as a Corporate Attorney, doing much of her training in the early morning hours.

In July, Amelia came out with an article sharing that she had admitted herself to treatment to address her long-time battle with an eating disorder. You must read her article HERE where she shares about the process. I can’t do it justice with my own writing.

It was a true joy to speak with Amelia, though she’s had some big stuff going on, she’s light hearted, funny and simply the kind of gal we’d all want to grab a coffee with.

Show Notes: 

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Amelia’s Post “The Recovery I needed”

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Still is the Key – Ryan Holiday

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