Bonus: Janae Baron, 2:49 Marathon Recap

Janae Baron just ran a 2:49 marathon at the St. George Marathon and I had to get her back on the show to hear all about it!  What I love about this story so much is that for 8 years she had a dream to break 3 hour in the marathon and just a year ago she did that. After accomplishing that dream she went after the goal to run her first 50 miler and then slowly started adding back in speed. I personally had no idea a 2:49 was brewing in that training she was doing and couldn’t be happier for someone who worked so hard for a 9 minute marathon PR. Fun fact- she now shares a PR with my husband Glenn.  Fun news we also get to talk about her announcement that she is gunning for that OTQ at CIM in just a couple of months!

Quick rundown on Janae- in case you don’t already know her- she blogs full time over at The Hungry Runner Girl, she is a wife, mom, step mom and dog mom. She is just as sweet in person as you could imagine she’d be from her daily posts over on her blog. A true gem this lady!

If you haven’t listened to my first episode with Janae which was over two years ago- go back and listen to episode 65 and learn all about her life! Janae has also been a gracious returning guest on my patreon page as well and you can find an episode with her there from right after she ran her first 50 miler!

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