Episode 201: Emily Toia

You may know Emily as the woman who runs a ton of miles on the treadmill. She runs 95% of her 80ish mile weeks from her Woodway treadmill. She is so much more than those treadmill runs. Man, I am thankful for this job because it provides me with the opportunity to get to know people like Emily.

At 42, just last year, Emily ran her marathon PR of 3:10 after years of no PR! How exciting is that? She has done six 100 milers and eight 50 milers. She can be found running 20-22 miles from her treadmill multiple times a week. I had so many treadmill questions.

Emily is the mother of two- her kids are 14 years apart and she gets vulnerable with us talking about her struggles with infertility an miscarriage. It was so refreshing to hear from her about these seasons of life and what it’s like to parent kids at two totally different stages in life.

I really loved my conversation with Emily and I hope you will too.

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BOOK: Mind Gym – Sebastian Bailey P.h.D, Octavius Black

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