Episode 4: Kat and Blair Cornell; JoyRide

Kat and Blair Cornell founded the nonprofit organization, JoyRide, a car club exclusively for kids with special needs. Blair dreamed up the idea for JoyRide after seeing how much his son, Carter, who has special needs himself, loved cruising around in Blair’s convertible.

In this episode you’ll hear all about the grandiose things JoyRide events offer its members such as walk down a red carpet, sky divers, CO2 cannons and exotic cars! You’ll hear about Kat’s trying journey through her pregnancy with Carter and you’ll learn how a debilitating condition prevented her from eating for six months. Then, in the midst of that trial, Kat discovered Carter would have special needs and doctors weren’t even sure he’d survive.

You’ll hear an interview filled with heartache, trials, triumphs and lots of joy!

Show Notes:

Host: Sarah Holsapple

Blair mentioned a water bottle manufacturer who gave JoyRide a platform on the Walmart commercial. That company is 50 Strong and they’re run by Kat’s brother, Brendan, and his wife, Ashley.

When talking about the meaning behind JoyRide logo, Blair mentioned his logo designer, Seth Sampson.

Instead of sharing her favorite recipe, Kat shared her favorite life hack for surviving dinner with four kids: Kate’s Plate. Kate’s Plate offers prepped-to-cook healthy meal kits delivered to your doorstep.

To learn more about JoyRide, click here. You can also follow JoyRide on Instagram @joyridecarsorg or on Facebook at JoyRide Cars.





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