Episode 197: Brittany Peterson

Brittany Peterson placed 2nd place at the Western States Endurance run this year and hasn’t sat down since. Some may have called her a dark horse to podium at Western States but she knew what she was capable of all along. Brittany has a background in Skyrunning and shares all about exactly what that is in this episode.

We get a Western States play by play which was really fun to hear as she had a super strong race and took the lead for a hot second around mile 94 of the race. Just four weeks after Western, Brittany was out skyrunning competing in the Tromso 100K, a race with 15K feet of vertical climbing, held a training camp with her boyfriend Cody Lind and is competing in CCC 100K, an event that is part of the UTMB weekend TODAY!

Brittany’s heart is in the mountains and she truly loves the adventure of being out on the trails exploring what she is capable of. She is a dog lover and though she is racing professionally for Nike Trail these days, she is also an Occupational Therapist working in education as well. In fact while overseas in France, she was hoping on calls to check in with her students.

I really enjoyed getting to know Brittany and I hope you will to!

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