Episode 196: Krystal Garcia Riley

Krystal Garcia Riley is making a difference in the running community by shedding light that anyone can run a race and participate in the sport regardless of what they wear or how they look. For years she felt uncomfortable showing up at races because she wears a long skirt when she runs. Once she realized nobody cared what she was wearing and she would be accepted, she decided she wanted to make sure others weren’t not showing up for the same reasons she wasn’t!

She started a podcast called “In a Skirt” where she introduces unconventional athletes who break stereotypes and bravely celebrate differences. She does a great job sharing stories of those who may not show up at a race or athletic event looking like the typical athlete you may see.

Krystal is the mother of three, her youngest daughter is adopted and was brought to their family through the foster care system. She is passionate about foster care and adoption and I had SO MANY questions about that part of their lives. Though we do talk about her running… she’s a two time marathoner with hopes of qualifying for Boston one day- we also talk a good amount about family life and walking through foster care and adoption. Krystal works full time as a lawyer and is a true inspiration of a woman who seeks out her own passions while caring so well for her family.


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