Episode 194: Shawanna White

Shawanna White is a light in the running community- her positive energy and excitement about the sport is contagious. She has run 24 marathons and has a best time of 2:45:19 – less than a half a minute from the Olympic Standard. Though she currently lives in South Carolina, she is from Atlanta so making it to the trials is especially exciting because it will be run in her hometown in February.  Shawanna is the 4th fastest African-American born marathoner and I loved hearing the story of how she figured out this fun fact.

Shawanna is coached by her boyfriend Orinthal Striggles and she shares with us in this episode all about their training methods and how listening to your body is key. Shawanna races pretty much every weekend which is super fun and I had to ask if she get questioned or criticized about the serial racing. What I love so much about her is that she just loves to run and race so racing frequently is just part of her life because it brings her so much joy.

Shawanna is also a PE teacher and passionate about encouraging kids to get out and move their bodies. Would she not be the most fun PE teacher ever? Make sure you follow Shawanna on instagram so you can see her training leading up to the Air Force Marathon where she will attempt to run that sub 2:45 and make it to the start line at the trials. You know she will be at the trials regardless, but getting on the start line is a huge goal!

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