Episode 190: Charlotte Purdue

Charlotte Purdue recently became the third fastest British female marathoner when she placed 10th at the London Marathon, running a time of 2:25:38. Charlotte is eyeing a spot on the 2020 Olympic team and it’s a likely chance she’ll be on it but the selection process different in the UK and she explains all that in this episode.

This will be the third Olympic cycle Charlotte is hopeful to make the team, but if she does make it it will be her first time. In this episode Charlotte explains all about those feelings and what it felt like to see a spot on the team just go empty in 2016. Not only is her marathon PB super impressive, Charlotte has a 69 minute half under her belt and is a 32 minute 10K runner. She does share that the marathon is her favorite though.

Charlotte runs for Nike and schools me on the details of running at the colligent level in the UK- she’s actually been sponsored by Nike since she was 15 and still ran in school. You’ll learn about what that looks like too. Maybe I’m alone here but I had no clue how different it was. Charlotte and her boyfriend also own their own coaching business that she keeps herself busy with when she’s not out training. You”ll see her next at the World Championships marathon in September competing in Doha. She’s one to watch if you aren’t already doing so!

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