Episode 175: Heather Jenson

Heather Jensen is a 18 time marathoner and 2 time Ironman! Heather has an inspiring story of getting to the start line in Boston as she is running for her first time this Monday in 2019 after 10 years of making it a goal to get there.

Heather ran her first marathon 10 years ago in 4:35 and has progressively made her way down to a 3:21 PR. After setting a goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon, she did but was one of the many people who didn’t make it into the race due to the time cut offs – though she’d qualified by 2.5 minutes! Since her first qualifying race, she’s done so four times and needless to say her first Boston will be an emotional and exciting experience for her after so many years of hard work to get there.

I love Heather’s outlook on training and cross training and truly believe that all her cross training is likely one of the reasons she stays healthy and injury free on the run. She also teaches fitness classes and has her sites set on a fall marathon and her 3rd ironman in the coming year!

Heather is the mother of three living in Utah with her beautiful family and she’s coached by Ashley Davis (ahappypace). In this episode she also talks about how getting a running coach was a game changer for her and it was a total win that her coach specializes in triathlon training as well!

HUGE congrats Heather and we can’t wait to see how you do in Boston!!

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