Episode 169: Colleen Quigley

Colleen Quigley just won her first National Title in the Mile and I could be happier for her! She is a returning on the show for a third time and we get to talk about what she’s been up to in the last year and what her plans for the future are as well! Colleen is coming of a year of on an off injuries and talks openly about those experiences. Make sure you go back and listen to the first two times she’s been on the show- episode 50 with teammates Shelby Houlihan and Courtney Frerichs and episode 103 for a solo episode where we really learn about her back story!

Colleen runs for Nike with the Bowerman Track Club and made her first Olympic team in 2016 in the Steeplechase and placed 8th in Rio. Her running career started in high school when she realized she had real potential and ended up winning state in the 1600 and the 3200 her senior year. She went on to run for Florida state where she won an NCAA title her senior year, heading straight into competing at Worlds in Beijing where she placed 12th.

Enjoy my conversation with Colleen!

Photo Cred: @jkh_photo

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