Episode 160: Glenn Hein

First Episode of the New Year on I’ll Have Another Podcast is with my husband Glenn. If you’ve been listening for awhile you may have heard him back on episode 44 when I had no clue what I was doing.
Since there are a lot of new listeners since episode 44- we do cover some of the things we talked about in that episode- including how we met, Glenn’s story with how he got started running and our early marathoning days.
We also talk about my podcast, parenting, what we fight about and what our ennegram numbers probably are.
It’s long guys, it’s a really long episode. I went through it once to edit it down a bit, but all of my kids are up now and I’m just going to let it out to the world with some imperfections that I hope don’t bore you. Imperfections are kind of my thing though, because you know, I’m human and all.
But I do have one request. This is a sponsor free episode and what I really want to ask of you guys is if you have the ability to donate- I am working really hard to raise funds for the Donna Foundation- an organization I believe in and am so proud to support. The Donna Foundation provides funding for Breast Cancer Research and support to those living with the disease and if you’re like me, I know you’ve been effected by this disease in some way. I’m asking every listener and every instagram follower to give a donation to help me meet my goal of raising $10K for the organization. If everyone here gave even $5, we would far surpass that goal. And if you haven’t listened yet- go back and listen to my episode with the founder of the Donna Foundation – Donna Deegan, episode 92!
Alright guys- enjoy this! Link to donate to my fundraiser is in my profile and find my episode of the podcast today with Glenn on itunes, stitcher, google play or any podcast app!
HAPPY NEW YEAR – Thank you thank you for being here!

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