Episode 157: Camille Herron

Camille Herron just broke some serious World Records at Desert Solstice. She broke both the 100 mile World Record on a track, in the middle of breaking the 24 hour World Record on the track – running 162 miles in 24 hours. That’s an average of 8:50 pace.

Camille was a long time marathoner – she was known for running marathons back to back and qualifying for the Olympic Trials several times in a year – one year in fact she qualified 7 times in one year. With a marathon PR of 2:37 – she is really speedy, however she has found her niche with this Ultra running thing.

She is the 2017 Comrades Marathon champion – and has her sights set on going back in 2019 to take that title again. Camille is also the World Record Holder in 100 miles over all terrain, as well as the 12 hour world record holder on the track and the 100K World Champion, where her team took gold as well.

In this episode we talk about her transition to ultra running, the kind of training she does and how she has such a tough mind when things get hard.

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