Episode 152: Portsmouth, NH Live Show

I’ll Have Another Live Show in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with guests Katie Edwards, Deb Gardner and Jessica Goldman. This show as a collaboration with the wonderful Sarah Canney and Rise Run Retreat.

We talk all things goal setting, overcoming hardship, perseverance and mental toughness… and let me tell you all three of these ladies are tough as nails. Katie in her 30’s, Jess is in her 40’s and Deb is in her 50’s – so it was fun to have a wide range of ages in this discussion with the hope to bring wisdom, laughter and something a bit relatable to most listeners.

Katie is the mother of three and qualified for the Olympic Trials in the marathon in 2014. We talk about navigating a rough few years in her life and getting back to training for fast times after taking some time off for serious training. Deb and her Husband Tom recently completed their goal to finish a marathon in 50 states and rode their bikes from coast to coast At the age of 59 she has huge goals on the horizon and inspires many- she and her husband Tom have 7 kids between the three of them and 3 grandkids. Jessica is an ultra runner to the core and recently broke 20 hours for the first time in a 100 mile distance after working to achieve that goal for almost a decade. She has both rode her bike and run across the country coast to coast solo, unsupported.

These women have some incredible stories, advice and I can’t wait to share it with you!


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