Podcast Episode 144: Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy is a 2 X Super Bowl Champion- once as a player, once as a Head Coach. He’s a Pro Football Hall of Famer, a studio analyst for NBC’s Sunday Night Football Coverage and a Best Selling Author. He and his wife Lauren have 10 children and reside in Tampa Florida.

Tony has a huge passion for leadership and mentoring the younger generation. As a coach in the NFL, he was not only known for being successful with his players on the field, but leading them off the field to navigate life after football and how they can make in impact in their communities. He is also a spokesman for the organization “All Pro Dad“. Tony truly practices what he preaches and lives out his message on the daily. You’ll hear that in this interview.

Thanks to Edge Mentoring for bringing Tony into our beautiful city of Indianapolis for their conference and thank you to my friend Sarah Holsapple with Holsapple Communications for setting this interview up.

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