Episode 135: Sarah True

Two-Time Olympian Sarah True joins me today for the show. Sarah is a triathlete and she competed in both the 2012 London  Olympics where she placed 4th and the 2016 Rio Olympics. She has recently transitioned into full ironman training and just completed her first full ironman at Ironman Frankfurt where she placed second qualifying for Kona which she’ll compete in this fall!

Sarah is married to a former guest of the show, distance runner Ben True (Episode 116) and when I interviewed him we were tracking one of her half-ironman races, so it was fun to hear from the triathlete herself. Sarah and her husband Ben have also recently started a coffee company that many of you have likely heard of with Des and Ryan Linden, called Linden & True coffee. She is fun, smart, witty, with a really solid outlook on life and sport.  Truly a fun guest I know you’ll love.


Show Notes: 

Florida – Lauren Groff

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 116: Ben True

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