Episode 127: Mario Fraioli

Mario is a runner, coach, writer and podcaster. Over the years, he’s coached athletes from across the spectrum of first time runners, Boston Qualifiers and people competing on World Championship Teams.

He shares his thoughts on running in his popular weekly newsletter the morning shakeout, and has somewhat recently ventured into the world of podcasting. From 2010-2016, Mario was the senior editor at Competitor magazine and has worked on numerous other projects in both the running and media spaces. He currently lives in California in the Bay Area with his wife Christine, four bikes and dozens of pairs of running shoes.

In this episode, we talk about how his love for running began, his career, The Morning Shakeout and we also get into some  behind the scenes podcasting talk as well as his coaching strategies. I have him give me his thoughts on what kind of training might be good for me to do post partum this time around to shoot for another marathon PR.  Mario runs competitively and crossed the finish line in 2:37 in the crazy conditions of Boston this year. He is a sub 2:30 marathoner and hopes to break that time once again. Enjoy my conversation with Mario!

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Do No Harm – Henry Marsh

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