Episode 118: Allison Schaaf

Allison Schaff, Founder and CEO of Prep Dish joins me on today’s show. Allison is a Dietitian and entrepreneur – the brains and creativity behind the business Prep Dish. Some of you may have heard of Prep Dish, as they have been a sponsor on the podcast. I am so intrigued by how people come up with an idea that they then turn into a business and how they actually made it happen and I’m inspired by Allison’s story- I know you will be too.

Allison shares with her some awesome books she’s read and steps she took to get her business off the ground. She has traveled and lived in so many different places around the country/world and shares with us the fun details of how her and her husband met as well. She was such a fun guest… I love it when guests just get the conversation style of this podcast. Such a delight to talk with Allison.

Here’s a little more info on Allison’s business – Prep Dish is a subscription based meal planning service that makes your life easier – Allison has two different menu options: gluten-free (dairy-free optional) and paleo meal plans. All subscribers will receive both options each week so you have the flexibility to decide which plan you want to follow. Regardless of the meal plan you choose, Prep Dish menus are based on real, whole, unprocessed foods. Your dishes will always be fresh and seasonal! You guys can use the code “another” to get a two week free trial – I encourage you to check it out!

Enjoy Friends!

Show Notes: 


The Four Hour Work Week

Tools of Titans

The Tim Ferris Show

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