Episode 117: Jackie Merritt

Jackie Merritt is a badass ultra runner who placed 7th at Western States 100 mile race last year after earning a Golden Ticket with a second place finish at the Georgia Death race. She grew up playing basketball and found her love for long distance running during college. She is currently training for Western States 100 again that will take place in June.

While Jackie runs for Hoka One One and Lily Trotters and is one of the most competitive ultra runners in our country- she is also extremely dedicated to her career as a Physical Therapist. She holds a Doctoral Degree in Biomechanics and currently studies Neuroscience at Emory University.

Jackie is smart and has a really good mindset on how to approach training hard in a healthy way while still prioritizing other important things in her life. You might learn a little about running form and leg swing in this episode as well. She’s knows a thing or two about it.


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