Episode 115: Krista Duchene Bonus

Krista Duchene placed third at the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16th! If you haven’t listened to her first episode on this podcast – check back to episode 91 to learn more about her! She is known as Canada’s “Marathon Mom” with a Personal Record of 2:28 in the marathon – the second fastest marathon time ever by a woman in Canada. She also competed in the Rio Olympics in 2016!

Krista is the 41 year old mother of three and works as a Dietitian on top of all of her marathon training. She runs for Saucony Canada and signed up for Boston with the intention to place as a Master’s runner and somewhere in the top 15. She had an incredible race and we talk about what could have played into that in this episode. Krista is so kind, well spoken and inspiring, I know you guys are going to love her. The biggest congratulations to you Krista! I was so excited to see you coming down Boylston!

Listen to Krista in Episode 91 of the podcast!

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