Episode 112: Deena Kastor BONUS

I am so thrilled to have Deena Kastor back on the podcast today for a fun Bonus Episode! She was first on the show in episode 88 – Go back and give it a listen if you haven’t yet- it is one of my very favorite episodes to date! Deena’s brand new book (Let your Mind Run) came out today and we get to talk all about that, along with the fact that she is running the Boston Marathon on Monday after a great build up and training. Make sure you join the I’ll Have Another Facebook Group because we will be discussing her book over there!

Deena has long list of incredible accomplishments, including being the American Record in the Marathon with a time of 2:19:36.She is a 3-Time Olympian and won a bronze medal in the 2004 Olympic in Athens and also has won both the London and the Chicago Marathon. She also holds a 5,000M PR of 14:51 and 10,000M of 30:50. She also holds the American masters half marathon and marathon records in times of 1:09:36 and 2:27:47.

Show Notes: 

Let Your Mind Run – Deena Kastor and Michelle Hamilton

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