Episode 110: Sarah Emerson

Sarah Emerson has inspired me for almost two years now. She is a 7X marathoner, ultra marathoner and breast cancer survivor. She was an early listener of my show (I THANK YOU for that Sarah) and has stuck with me through the ups and downs of figuring this thing out! I started following Sarah on instagram shortly after my show launched and found out soon after that that she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 33.  I have followed her journey of the good, the bad and the ugly of overcoming the most challenging year of her life. From chemo, losing her hair, major surgery and being a badass overcomer throughout it all. Sarah is a wife and has a sweet son, Tyler who is a big part of her story throughout it all. Being so sick is difficult and she has managed it with the most beautiful mindset and attitude.

I have been encouraged in my own life by her big heart watching from afar. Even when she was smack dab in the middle of treatment she’d show up for races and cheer on friends. Sarah completed treatment last summer and had a double mastectomy this fall.Right now-she’s training for the Boston Marathon and raising funds for St. Jude.

In this episode, Sarah walks us through her life and the process of finding out she had breast cancer to how she dealt with all the real, scary feelings that come along with it. I love when she talks about choosing to stay in the moment and focus on what each day is brining rather than focusing on what might happen 10 years from now. You guys are going to love her spunky, happy, joyful personality.


Show Notes: 

St. Jude

Sarah’s St. Jude Fundraising Page

Mexikelly Blues

Bodies of Water – Tea Greenwood

What Made Maddie Run – Kate Fagan

My Fight, Your Fight – Rhonda Rousey

Hair Matters

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