Episode 104: Allie Kieffer

I’m so excited to have returning guest Allie Kieffer on the show today! Allie was on the show right after her 5th place finish at the New York City Marathon this past fall and so much has happened since then. Like most of you, I’ve been wondering what she’s up to and what’s next for her. Allie recently signed with Oiselle and is currently training in Kenya and plans to run the London Marathon this spring. She”ll be back in the United States in a few weeks to race a half marathon as well!

Allie is so kind and sweet and in this episode we talk about everything from what life and training in Kenya is like, compared to the United States, how hard running at altitude is to body image and time goals for spring races. She’s the real deal ya’ll.

(Photo Cred: Stephen Counts)

Show Notes: 

Running with the Kenyans


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