Episode 98: Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter is a three-time Olympian and the 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist in Shot Put. She was the first American woman ever to win a Gold Medal in the event and the first American woman since 1960 to medal in the event. Michelle is also a motivational speaker, a makeup artist and she is a person who speaks positivity over her life and the lives of those around here. I was so honored to sit down and here about how she became a Gold Medalist. I’ve talked to a good amount of Olympians on this podcast, a few Olympic Medalists but never a Gold Medalist.

In this episode we talk about when she realized she had a talent for shot put and what it was like following her Father’s footsteps. Her father is Michael Carter, and he wont the men’s shot put silver medal in the 1984 Olympic games. He also played pro football for the 49ers, winning three Super Bowls. Needless to say, her parents were cautious about making sure she chose the sport because SHE wanted to and then empowered her to be the best she could be once she decided to pursue it. We also talk about her faith, her love for make-up and looking her best even while competing and her passion for spreading the message that we were all created uniquely and have different body types and gifts and it’s up to us to decide what those gifts are and the embrace that.

Thank you USA Track & Field for introducing my to Michelle and hosting us for the interview!

Enjoy my conversation with Michelle!

Show Notes: 

Ardell Lashes

You Throw Girl

Business Boutique – Chrissy Wright

Eric Thomas –  The Hip Hop Preacher

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