Bonus CIM Episode: Sara Hall

I was just as excited as most of you about all the exciting stuff at CIM that I loaded up the interviews around it! So Sara Hall is BACK on the podcast to talk with us all about her experience running and winning the California International Marathon (CIM), just five weeks after running her marathon PR at the Frankfurt marathon in 2:27:21. She lead CIM from start to finish and was gunning for a course record. When she realized that was slipping, she focused on what else she could be excited about in the race and tells us how she stays positive even when an A goal might slip mid race.

In this episode, Sara also talks to us about motherhood and raising four daughters that her and her husband Ryan adopted from Ethiopia in 2015. Make sure you head back to episode 11 of the podcast to check out my first chat with Sara!

AND GUESS WHAT? It’s just been announced that Sara will be running Boston in 2018!

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