Bonus Episode: Holiday Edition 2017

Welcome to the Holiday Episode of I’ll Have Another Podcast! 

I grabbed three of my best girlfriends from my internet world and we each came up with three favorite gift ideas for you! On the show today, you’ll get to hear from returning guests, Ashley Fizzarotti, Mollie Turner & Mary Johnson. Do you have people in your life you know you can count on; who are the cheerleaders behind your hard work? Each of these girls are that to me. I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve them, but I am SO thankful for their friendship and support.

Don’t worry about writing everything down- links to all of the items we discuss are in the show notes! While we have fun discussing gift ideas, we get a little detoured because we were all excited about CIM results and all the awesome ladies who had a great race last weekend! We also have some fun Live Show talk from back in September. Don’t worry, there will be another Live Show.


Ashley’s Picks: 

Youth the People


Jay Bird X3 Wireless Headphones

Mary’s Picks:

Air Pods

Group Exercise Package

Google Home

Mollie’s Picks:

Sarah Marie Design Studio

Chex Mix Recipe

Stride Box

Vuori Men’s Trail Shorts

Lindsey’s Picks:

Evil Queen Candles

(Use code “HAVEANOTHER” for 10% off on Evil Queen)

Addaday Nonagon Foam Roller

Athleta City Jogger Pants

Erica Sara Designs Necklace

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