Episode 90: Renee Washington

I was excited to head downtown to the USA Track & Field offices last week and have a talk with Renee Washington.  Renee serves as the COO of USA Track and Field. I also had the opportunity to talk with Susan Hazzard, the Communications Director in this interview!

Renee went to Georgetown University for Law School and lived in Washington D.C, working as an attorney for several years for the U.S. Department of Labor in Washington, D.C. While at the Department of Labor before moving to Indianapolis with her family.

An interesting piece of her story was that she then was a stay at home mom for 10 years before jumping back into the workforce and in this episode we talk about that experience and what she did to stay plugged in and relevant. Renee worked for CICOA as the contracts department director and Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation before landing her current role as COO at USA Track and Field.

Renne is a past President of the Junior League of Indianapolis and continues to stay involved in that organization. they have a big fundraiser coming up (Holiday Mart) and we talk about that a bit. Renne has a passion for social causes and has also volunteered for Wishard Memorial Hospital’s Foundation Board; the Girl Scouts; American Cancer Society Guild; and numerous educational, cultural and political causes.

In this episode of the podcast, she dishes her favorite places to travel, books and shows and fills us in on what USA Track and Field has gong on. They sanction a lot of races – including the NYC Marathon.

Show Notes: 

A Column of Fire – Ken Follett

East of Eden – John Steinbeck

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