Episode 82: Molly Ludlow Update

I’m so excited about this follow up episode with Molly Ludlow!

Make sure to listen to my original conversation with Molly in episode 81 before you listen to this episode. Molly ran Professionally for Saucony for several years. She was a 2-time All-American at Indiana University, an American Record Holder in the 4X800 meters, a 2015 IAAF Beijing World Championships qualifier, and a Bronze Medalist 2014 USA Championships. After a devastating 4th place finish for the second time at the Olympic Trials, Molly talks about what moving on looked like and what she’s up to now. Let’s not fail to mention that right after her The trials in 2016, she went on to run a personal best of 1:57:68 in Monaco. .

Molly is now pregnant with her and her husband Reed’s first child and in nursing school.

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