I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 79: Leanne Manual

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 79: Leanne Manual

Today’s episode is with Leanne Manual. Leanne has a healthy lifestyle success story you’re gong to want to hear about. Weight had always been a central part of her life, coming from a family where obesity is a norm, she didn’t realize her weight was even a thing until first grade when kids started calling her names. By the end of elementary school, Leanne was over 200 lbs and was over 300 lbs by the end of Middle School.

Leanne was raised by a single mother who “loved with food”. Everything was a reason for a treat and emotional eating was a way of life. After years of struggling with weight, she topped out at 370 lbs in high school. After high school, she underwent a lap band surgery, that ultimately ended up causing issues, ending in emergency surgery to be removed. After giving birth to her son Hunter, she visited a doctor about making a serious change about her life and was told her only way to lose the weight would be through gastric bypass surgery. Not being satisfied with this answer, she took matters into her own hands. She educated herself on how to eat a healthy, well balanced diet and set a goal to start exercising.

In two years she has lost over 165 lbs, run several half marathons and dozens of 5ks. Leanne will be training for her first full marathon this spring and has so much planned in the coming years. She works full time as a Business Analyst, part time for Run around the USA and is the mother to Hunter, step mother to Hannah and wife to Michelle.

Show Notes: 

Skinny Taste

Biggest Loser Cookbook

Run Around USA

Flap Jack Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

Athleta Stealth Tanks

Brooks Ghost

It was Me all Along – Andy Mitchell

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Indiana Youth Group

Team Red White and Blue

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