I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 73: Jana Effertz & Nora Bird

In this episode of I’ll Have Another, I got to chat with my dear friend Jana Effertz and her friend Nora Bird. This past weekend Nora completed the Vermont 100 miler and Jana crewed and paced her for the last 30 miles of the race. I watched their updates all weekend and knew I wanted to have them on when it was fresh on their minds to talk about the experience- both from the competitors stand point and the crew members. Jana and Nora met at a retreat through Oiselle and have been close friends ever since!

Jana is a Family Practice Lawyer and owns her own practice in Owatonna Minnesota. She is married to Joe and has two adorable little girls. She is one of the most dedicated people I know. When she commits to something- she commits to something. Once she committed to running after a long hiatus, she qualified for Boston three times. I’ve been coaching Jana through 2014 and have enjoyed every bit of it.

Nora lives in Wisconsin, she’s a professional baker, an ultra runner, a wife and a mom. She dipped her toes into ultra running a couple of years ago and hasn’t looked back. She continues to be competitive with each race and the Vermont 100 was her second ultra (her first was Leadville) Nora is also a running coach- check out Team Bird Training and she has been a coach for Girls on the Run for the past 5 years.

In this episode we talk about their experience with the Vermont 100, but we also talk about the importance of having real, strong relationships with girlfriends as an adult and both of their decisions to stop drinking 6 years ago and how they’ve bonded through that in a sense. We of course also get into favorite books, apparel and what their message to the World would be. So fun chatting with these fierce, beautiful, strong women. Enjoy my conversation with Jana and Nora!

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Bird Strike

Oiselle Cleo Tank

Oiselle Fly Out

Hoka Cliftons

The Radium Girls

Option B

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