I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 61: Rachael Dugdale

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 61: Rachael Dugdale

Rachael is my good friend in real life! We met last summer when she started coming out to the stroller group that I lead at Athletic Annex in Broad Ripple. She lives right up the street from me! She is married to her husband Ryan and they have a sweet one year old daughter, Josephine.

Last weekend, Rachael ran her very first marathon and I had to honor of running the last three miles of the race with her. In this episode we talk about her marathon experience, but we also go a little deeper. Rachael has been sober for 17 years and we talk about her road to recovery and what that looks like in her life today. We also talk about a painful divorce and how she got her life back together after both of those big life changers.

Rachael is open and honest and we both get a little bit vulnerable when we talk about prayer and our faith. Such a great conversation with a dear friend.


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