I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 58: Teal Burrell

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 58: Teal Burrell

Teal is a competitive runner who went from a 4 hour marathon to a 2:42 marathon. Her 2:42 qualified her for the Olympic Marathon Trials, which was her big goal and she ran in the trials in February 2016 on a very hot day. This did not happen over night- she worked really hard for several years an ran several marathons to achieve this goal. Not all of those marathons were PRs or amazing races, but she kept working at it and made it happen.

Teal has her Doctorate in Neuropsychology. Girlfriend completed 9 years of undergrad + grad school. Clearly we have a high achiever on our hands. She’s a freelance writer and writes both about running stuff and science stuff. She lives in Richmond VA with her husband and their brand new baby girl Maya! Teal was just a couple days away from her due date when we recorded this episode, so lot’s has changed in her world since then!

In this episode we talk all about her journey to getting to that 2:42 marathon, I had so may questions for her that just came flying out. I could have picked her brain about running stuff for hours. I have so much respect for her discipline, hard work and fearlessness of not only setting a big goal, but putting it out there for the world to see and going for it. We also talk about her career, favorite books and more. Such a fun conversation!

Congrats on the baby girl Teal!

Show Notes: 

Teals Blog – Miles to the Trials

Advanced Marathoning – Jack Daniels

New Balance – Perfect Tank

Halo Top Ice Cream

The Power of Seven Juice – Trader Joes

Small Great Things – Jodi Picoult

Leaving Time – Jodi Picoult

Modern Family

Kids Baking Championship

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Classes 4 Classes

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