I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 50: Colleen Quigley, Shelby Hoolihan & Courtney Frerichs

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 50: Colleen Quigley, Shelby Hoolihan & Courtney Frerichs

What an exciting episode! I got to chat with three Olympians to celebrate episode 50 of the podcast. Colleen and Courtney both competed in the Steeplechase in Rio this year in the 2016 Olympics and Shelby competed in the 5K. All three girls run for the Bowerman Track Club under coach Jerry Schumacher and are sponsored by Nike.

In this episode the ladies talk about their journey to becoming professional athletes – they all had very different paths which made for interesting conversation and lot’s of inspiration for a young runner to hear. We also talk about  making the Olympic team and goals for the future. They give some great advice to young ladies who might be inspiring to be in their shoes one day.

If you know of any high school track or cross country coaches- this would be a great episode to share with them for their teams! 

Show Notes: 

The Sports Gene – David Epstein

You are a Badass – Jen Sincero

The Tipping Point – Malcom Gladwell

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