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Episode 29: Alissa Henry – A Love of Reading. What you should read next!

Alissa Henry is a TV host and former news anchor. She loves to read and run and is the mother of a three year old some. In this episode we talk about making time to read as a busy parent as well as tips for getting in more reading with our kids!
Get your Good Reads app out because there are SOOOO many book suggestions in this episode.
What we talked about:

4:50- The Yeti running challenge that she did 

6:10- Being the TV Host of Cash Explosion and her career path to there

9:45- Her journey with her passion for reading

14:05- Where she finds all of her books

15:00- The book of the month club

17:45- Tips to read more when you’re a busy parent

23:35- Cultivating healthy reading habits with your kids

33:35- Where she gets book recommendations

36:00- Reading books with diverse characters and by diverse authors

45:30- Chatting about Rachel Hollis

52:55- The top books that she recommends

1:03:30- End of podcast questions

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